Atchison Academy at Clark UMC


Calvin O. Atchison

Dr. Calvin O. Atchison, Sr. is a well-known and highly respected educator in the Nashville community.  He came to Nashville in 1953 from Charlotte, North Carolina where he served as a school psychologist.  He began work at Tennessee A&I College (Tennessee State University).

He received his Ed.D. in Psychology from Indiana University in Bloomington in 1958.

In 1968, following 14 years of service with TSU, Atchison, professor of psychology, began his second career at the University in the area of institutional advancement. The need for institutional advancement – student services, academics, development and business– was an outgrowth of TSU’s 1968-1969 Self-Study conducted by Dr. Atchison.

Dr. Atchison has continued work with students at Clark Memorial and the community.



Dr. Calvin O. Atchison Summer Academy

The Calvin O. Atchison Summer Academy will run from June 11, 2018 to July 20, 2018.  The Academy is for children who have completed kindergarten through fourth grades.


The purpose of the Academy is to address the needs of children in the Nashville community who need structured learning during the summer. The Academy curriculum will focus on reading, math, science, and the arts.


The mission of the Calvin O. Atchison Summer Academy is to provide a quality academic experience that will expand literacy and learning opportunities for our Atchison Scholars.


 We believe in surrounding children with a ‘village’ of supportive adults who, in partnership with parents and the community, will produce successful, contributing citizens.

Certified teachers and screened volunteers will work with the children.

We believe that education and positive learning experiences will make a difference in children’s lives and growth into adulthood.

We believe an intentional progressive curriculum will enhance the retention of skills learned during the regular school year. 


Village WAKANDA at Atchison Academy

It takes a village to raise a child. Village WAKANDA at Atchison Academy encourages students to gain knowledge of African cultures and to understand the value of and connection to African American history in their lives today; major eras, events, persons, documents, places, and dates to serve as foundation for more in-depth learning.

Students demonstrate age appropriate understanding of personal character growth and development through activities based on the Marvel Comic Movie Black Panther setting of Wakanda.

We use the acronym “WAKANDA” for character building education:

W- worthy & trustworthy;

A- accepting;

K- kind;

A- assertive (speaking up/confidence);

N- nonviolent (peaceful);

D- diligent;

A- always respectful.